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Welcome to our website

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IOHSAD Website

We are pleased to announce the launching of the IOHSAD website. We hope through the use of internet technology, we can reach out to more workers and further develop our work on Occupational and Environmental Health and Safety (OEHS).

Despite the number of workers in the Philippines using internet remains to be low, the internet is becoming a very important addition on our work to promote OEHS.

The World Wide Web does not replace well-established strategies and practices of our work but instead enhances existing practices. As more and more workers become aware of the internet, we have to adjust to reach out to more of them.

We have made the site informative, with articles relevant to OEHS available at the home page. You can click the "Manual" or the "Research" sections on the menu found on the top of the site to view the list of all our available manuals which workers can use for trainings and also our available researches.

Interactivity rank high on the features we wanted and we have enabled the "Ask the Doctor" feature on the right part of the site. Just click the image and workers can e-mail our resident Occupational doctor on questions regarding OEHS. Answers to users questions will be available on the "Doctor's View" section.

Local OEHS news is also available for deeper information on the Philippine situation. All the news are from Philippine news website.

Interested individuals can also avail of our OEHS library services on appointment basis. Many of our books are donated by various OEHS organizations worldwide.

Please enjoy the site and feel free to send your comments and suggestions on how we can improve the website to better serve the workers interest.