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1 worker out of a 100 suffer occupational accidents

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According to the Institute for Occupational Health and Safety Development (IOHSAD), a non-governmental organization focusing on occupational health and safety, 1 worker out of a 100 suffer work-related accidents.

According to a study made by the Bureau of Labor and Employment Statistics (BLES), in 2003, the manufacturing sector grabbed top spot as 7 out of 10 accidents happened in that sector. The same year showed 30% of accidents were caused by machines and equipments, while a total of 7 lost working days were brought about by the accidents.

“Mr. Crisanto Oliverio, a 55 year old welder, is but one of the many workers suffering from work-related accidents and injuries. Lowly paid, overworked, then after they suffer such accidents, what is to happen to their loved ones,” said Noel Colina, Executive Director of IOHSAD.

According to Colina, such accidents can be avoided if safety standards at the workplace are being followed by the company. When workers are exposed to hazardous chemicals and working conditions, personal protective equipments (PPE) should be provided by the management for the workers to use. “In case of a welder, they should be wearing a hardhat, fire retardant clothing and gloves, protective goggles and mask.

There should be an accessible fire extinguisher and proper ventilation for oxygen to circulate and let the chemical fumes dissipate,” added Colina.

“But PPEs will not suffice, there must also be a corresponding occupational health and safety training for workers. The problem today is that most companies would rather forgo such PPE provisions and training to curtail costs to the detriment of the workers, exposing them to bodily harm and death,” stated Colina.

Colina is also asserting that the employer Martin Tiu should be held liable for the accident. According to him, shouldering the burial costs are not enough and Mr. Tiu should pay lost income to the survivors of Mr. Oliverio because it was a clear work-related accidents.