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2nd Health Training for Women conducted

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women training

The Institute for Occupational Health and Safety Development (IOHSAD) concluded the 2nd in a series of health training for women last January 29, 2010 at Vitas, Tondo, Manila. The activity was attended by 25 women.

“We want a stronger participation of women when it comes to managing the health,” said Emma Celada, Training Officer of IOHSAD. “By providing the necessary information to women in communities, they are more equip to take care, not only the health of their families, but they are also able to ensure their personal well-being.”

According to Celeda, most of the women who attended are exposed to various health hazards. “Most of the women who participated repack garlic bulbs. The process involved hand contact with chemicals which can burn the skin on prolonged exposures. Since it is informal work, there is no employer to request engineering controls or provision of Personal Protective Equipment. Efforts to mitigate hazards must come directly from the women themselves and understanding health and safety is one of the early steps to address this.”