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Hapilan Daycare goes on Field Trip

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field trip photo

The Hapilan Daycare Center located in Vitas, Tondo conducted its annual educational field trip last February 11, 2011. Students along with their parents traveled to the Manila Zoo to visit and learn more about animals.

“The activity was educational not only for the students but also for their parents,” said Rowena Balino, project officer of the Hapilan Daycare Center. “It was a first for many of the participants to visit a zoo and seeing a live elephant topped the whole event.”

Aside from the visit, the students also conducted an art workshop wherein they were asked to reflect on their experience for the day. “We also discussed with the parents the recent survey on outstanding health issues in their community and provided basic foundations on how to address them,” said Balino.

art workshop

The Hapilan Daycare Center is a project of the Institute for Occupational Health and Safety Development (IOHSAD) with support from the Australian People for Health, Education and Development Abroad (APHEDA).