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Barangay Gulod conducts Hazard Mapping

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Residents of Barangay Gulod in Quezon City will no longer take disasters sitting down. After the traumatic events of 2009 brought about by the massive flooding during typhoon Ondoy, residents are increasing their resilience against calamities by adopting community-based disaster preparedness programs.

Last May 21, 2012, members of the Community-based Disaster Preparedness Committee (CDPC) held a Hazard Mapping exercise to determine the extent of their vulnerability to disasters. The participants were asked their knowledge of past disasters and the impact it made to the community. From the information gathered, they will draw a visual representation of their community and incorporate the available data to ascertain which areas are most vulnerable.


“Local knowledge is very important to accurately determine the level of vulnerability the community face,” said Emma Celada, Project lead of Capacity Building for Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Response in Selected Workers and Urban Poor Communities in Quezon City (CDPER). “By allowing the residents to take part in developing their Counter Disaster program (CDP), the elements of the program become more appropriate, taking into consideration the current capacity of the actors and the community.”

The CDPER is a project of IOHSAD in cooperation with Mayor Herbert Bautista of Quezon City and supported by the Priority Development Assistance Fund of Gabriela Womens Party Representative Luzviminda Ilagan.