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#NXPWorkersFight is OUR Fight! Reinstate the 24 illegally dismissed union leaders!

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We condemn the illegal dismissal of 24 union leaders in one of the biggest electronics manufacturer in the country. NXP management’s repressive action is a deadly attack on the workers’ basic rights.

The NXP management’s allegations that the workers participated in an illegal strike during the holidays are baseless. The unionists were terminated on the grounds of their refusal to work overtime on government declared holidays.

According to Proclamation Number 655 issued by President Benigno Aquino III on September 2013, Aprils 9, 17, 18 and May 1 are all regular holidays. Workers are entitled not to work and must be paid 100% of his salary for that day. The management’s grounds for terminating the union leaders are therefore illegal and grossly malicious.

Workers have all the right not to report to work during holidays officially declared by the government. The NXP management's actions only show their utmost disrespect on the rights of workers to observe holidays and have well-deserved breaks. Companies must not force workers to report during holidays. NXP must respect workers’ rights, reinstate the dismissed workers and resume CBA negotiations with the union.

The Collective Bargaining Agreement between the NXP workers and management started in January and has already gone through 23 negotiating sessions. The management continues to reject the 8% increase in wages proposed by the union and remains firm with its 3.5 % increase offer, a measly half of the wage increase they gave in the last CBA.

IOHSAD calls on all the workers and worker-advocates to support the #NXPWorkersFight and demand the immediate reinstatement of all dismissed union leaders.