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Keep the fight Osaka 32

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We are saddened by the news that the suit filed by the 32 individuals, including former factory workers in Osaka's Sennan District who are suffering from various illnesses brought about by exposure to asbestos, has been dismissed. Twice, the 32 individuals have been victimized: first by their exposure to asbestos and second the injustice handed to them by the Court.

The reversal of the Osaka High Court last Thursday, August 25, 2011 on the favorable ruling of the Osaka District Court to the victims making the government responsible for failing to protect the plaintiffs is, to say the least, adding insult to injury. At present, the Osaka 32 is already dealing with asbestosis and lung cancer. With the High Courts ruling against them, another set of burden is placed on them and their families shoulders.

This decision by the High Court can be used as precedent by other Courts in Japan to deny justice to the victims and exonerate governments for their failure to protect the health and safety of workers and individuals. This is an early Christmas gift to corrupt officials and to the Asbestos industry.

We are one with the Osaka 32 in the fight for justice and compensation. We are one with you in your fight against Asbestos!


Court dismisses damages suit by asbestos victims